About Us

Specialized In Enhancing Business Relationships

The Alliance is a unique consortium of highly successful, autonomous general agents uniting their full resources and individual expertise in an unprecedented, national network. With a combined strength of over $2 Billion in annual premiums, perhaps the most powerful array of premier markets (over 100 strong), some 1700 specialists skilled in all phases of this business, the Alliance offers virtually infinite opportunities (and “outlets”) in the finite world of today’s independent producer.

USA Alliance

The Bottom Line is Clear

Participating producers of caliber can now be on the receiving end with enormous clout, superior service on a national and local scope, tremendous market stability and diversity…and, an original coast-to-coast potential outlet for any new, special program.

The Bottom Line is Limitless

The Alliance is an intriguing architect of the future. It exemplifies, in fact gives substance to, an imaginative dimension in the property/casualty business: a refreshing ability to “construct to specs” exciting new products and ideas in response to, and in advance of, the ever changing needs of the marketplace. This applied vision tailored to specific need eliminates the rigid categorization…the assembly line, “manufactured” treatment forced upon a growing number of products and risks.

USA Alliance